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I'm a sophmore and I just transfered, my last school was small and I wasn't making friends, now I've transfered to a bigger school and I've gotten into some clubs, I'm still a shy and quiet person and it's hard for me to make friends, it seems like everyone else makes friends so easily, what can I do to make more friends/ be less shy

It is really difficult to make a transition like that. I know it may seem like everyone else has made friends, but you’ve only been there for a few weeks. You still have to do some of the groundwork and lay the foundations of new friendships. It’s so weird to go to a school and not know anyone but it’s also such a great opportunity to meet new people. The great thing about going to a big school is that there are so many different clubs and organizations to join, you’ll be more likely to find a group of people who are very similar to you. Just keep your chin up and keep at it. You will find friends, but true friendships aren’t formed immediately. Stay patient, it will happen. 


I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting as frequently. I’ve been super busy these past few weeks with all my course work (#historymajorproblems) and sorority recruitment. I currently have about 20 questions in my ask box. I just don’t have the time right now to answer these questions properly. I will be able to get to them in the coming days. I just wanted to let all of you know in case you are wondering why I haven’t answered. I will get to them soon I’m so sorry I haven’t had the time. But I love all of you and I’m so honored that you feel comfortable enough asking me these tough, personal questions. Best followers in the world!! Thank everyone for being patient!!

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Hey! Just wondering if you're backed up with lots of questions or if mine just didn't go through lol

Which one? I’ve been really busy with school work and sorority recruitment this week that I haven’t had enough time to properly answer all the questions I have. I’ll try to get to them soon I’m sorry!!