4tasha4 asked:

Hey there :) I'm not in college, only grade 11, but I was wondering what your favorite part of college is and how you decided which college to go to. :)

Honestly my favorite part about being in college is the friends I have made. It seems kind of corny but these last three some years have just felt like one long-ass sleepover. I’ve found people I will be connected to for the rest of my life. Deciding where to go to school was cake for me. My whole family has gone to my school so I grew up constantly being exposed and coming to campus for football games. I knew that this was where I belonged when I was visiting other campuses and found myself comparing back to this one. This was honestly the only place where I felt like I saw it becoming my home.  

Anonymous asked:

I'm starting college next year and i was also thinking of double majoring in french and history. My question is do you have to know any french before you decide to major in the language or do they teach you everything.

I came into college having taken French since elementary school. But there are other people in the major who started taking French 001 their freshman year and speak better French than I do. When learning a language, it is all about dedication. You have to be willing to go above and beyond the assignments assigned by watching French movies, listening to French movies and reading French newspapers. The constant exposure will make it easier. Also, going abroad and being immersed in the language and culture really helps. I love both of my majors and would definitely encourage people to check them out!! Good Luck (or should I say Bonne Chance…)

Anonymous asked:

So, I'm a total nerd by that I mean I'm majoring in computer science. However there's a shit ton of guys in all of my classes and I need to make for female friends (I'm a girl also). Also, I've joined clubs and such and again the clubs are basically all guys. Advise?

Hooray for all my female nerds!! Being a girl in a male dominated major can be extremely difficult. I have so many close girlfriends who are engineers or math majors and they complain all the time about the lack of women in their classes. Due to the nature of these majors, there are usually clubs that are for women in the major. I know that my engineering friends are all in the Women in Engineering club on my campus. This allows for the females in their major to get to know each other and stick together. You can also look to get involved with other clubs and philanthropies on campus. They may not be mostly women, but the gender ration should be a bit more even. I hope this helps! Embrace your inner nerd! I think that it is awesome that you’re pursuing a degree in computer science!!!

Anonymous asked:

Why shouldn't we date during our freshman year? I've been told by several people to ditch my boyfriend, but I don't want to and don't plan on it. What am I missing out on by staying with him?

I’m not saying that you should dump your boyfriend. What I meant was that there are so many freshmen girls (I experienced this when I was a freshman) who obsessively search for a boyfriend. And then when they have one they stop doing the things that they enjoy and spend all of their time with their boyfriends. College, especially freshman year, is about discovering yourself and what you like. It can be hard to do when you do things with the goal of finding a boyfriend. Obviously dating happens and I have witnessed healthy relationships that make each person better for it. But I’m trying to say that girls and guys don’t need to be actively searching for a relationship. Try and do things that make you happy and if you meet someone along the way, then great.

hermajestythequeen asked:

i just transferred to a new college and still haven't made any new friends. all the girls at my school already have their circle of friends and don't really let anyone else in or try to befriend anyone else. i'm nice to everyone and try to make an effort but no one else is making an effort to try and be my friend or anything like that, how can i actually make friends when it seems like everyone already has their group of friends and isn't letting anyone in?

If your school has a Greek system, try going through sorority recruitment. It’s a great way to put yourself out there, especially if you’re a sophomore. Also, look to get involved in something that makes your school special. Maybe there is a specific philanthropy that everyone gets involved in, or your school has great intramural athletics. Look for a way to get involved with something that you enjoy on campus.

remcil asked:

It's been 5 weeks since I've been in college and it's not that I feel left out, but all my friends are doing something (clubs) or in something (frats/sorrorities). And I've tried a couple things but nothing clicked. Any ideas on what to try and do?

Sign up for as many things as you can. My freshman year I went to our involvement fair and just signed up for a ton of different clubs. Obviously I didn’t stay in all of them but it helped me get into things that I never really thought I would be interested in. I can seem difficult now but just remember that you haven’t been at school too long. You still have so much time to get involved and meet people!